David A Burrows


Press: Yorkshire Art Journal, May 2015

Tuesday, 05 May 2015 20:09

Work chosen is from the series, The Longer This Goes On The Less... The second in the six step series Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall... The series aimed to build a cinematic, atmospheric, engaging narrative across a set of six images. A breaking sunrise in a park is photographed and the analogue negatives are digitized. The negatives then suffer a series of attacks. Each stage giving images on the point of collapse. The narrative is held together by signs of its history and the background score - a nursery rhyme. Following a penultimate stage of melting, a final set of images are built from the dust of all negatives, burnt, scattered and renewed as a new set of photographic 'positives' that deliver a resuscitated 'family' of images. From darkness to light. From dust to dust.

Really pleased to be included in the excellent Yorkshire Art Journal -  an on line journal.  Interesting format combining authors' written pieces inspired by the selected works.