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pain #1

In what sense are my sensations private? -- Well, only I can know whether I am really in pain; another person can only surmise it. -- In one way this is wrong, and in another nonsense. If we are using the word "to know" as it is normally used (and how else are we to use it?), then other people very often know when I am in pain. -- Yes, but all the same not with the certainty with which I know it myself! -- It can't be said of me at all (except perhaps as a joke) that I now I am in pain. What is it supposed to mean -- except perhaps that I am in pain?

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Philosophical Investigations #246




Watercolor, acrylic varnish, watercolor paper 300gsm.

22.0 x 32.0 inches (55.9 x 81.3 cm)


Signed and dated on front.




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